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May 22 2015

Memorial Day- How did it begin?

It’s Friday. We’re tired and SO ready for a long weekend! So I thought we’d take a break from the usual and share some interesting facts about Memorial Day. I love patriotic holidays and had a ton of fun researching the history of Memorial Day. Hopefully you have just as much fun reading it. Have a wonderful Friday and a great 3 day weekend.

After the Civil War, the bloodiest war in American history, grieving survivors began to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers as a way of honoring and remembering them. Through
the years, the holiday has evolved from small community gatherings to a national holiday.
Here’s a brief history of America’s most somber holiday:
● May 6th, 1866- The residents of Waterloo, NY are credited with originating the holiday
on this day. They closed shops and business to decorate the graves of fallen soldiers
in the Civil War.
● May 30, 1868- Five thousand mourners gathered in Arlington cemetery to celebrate
what was then called Decoration Day. It was the first time that the holiday was
nationally recognized.
● 1967- The name of the holiday was legally changed to Memorial Day
● 1971- Since 1868, Memorial Day had been celebrated on May 30. But in 1971 it was
changed to the 4th Monday of May to ensure a long weekend.
● December 2000- Congress passed a law that requires American citizens to pause at
3pm local time for a moment of silence to remember the fallen.

May 01 2015

Download Your Free May Marketing Calendar

Our monthly marketing calendars give real estate agents direct mail marketing ideas for every week. If you’ve thought about starting a direct mail campaign but weren’t sure what to send, then this calendar is for you! Click to download the May marketing calendar. Two of the pieces featured on the calendar are content ready, meaning we provide all the content and design. All we need is your agent photo and contact info. How easy is that?


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Apr 28 2015

Harness the Power of Testimonials


small business marketing

  1. Print testimonials on wall clings that you can put in the office or store. Gather testimonials about specific products and then place them near that product.
  2. Spice things up with video. This doesn’t have to be a big production, just bring clients to a quiet location, make sure they look presentable, then turn on your phone and record them saying awesome things about you.
  3. In addition to putting testimonials on your website, ask clients to leave you reviews on websites like Yelp. These websites most likely get more traffic than yours and, consequently, the review will get more exposure
  4. Testimonials make great content for direct mail. Make them the highlight of a postcard by putting several on the front, or put one on the back along with a call to action. You can also put a testimonial on a door hanger or include one in a letter of introduction.
  5. If you’re only using one side of a business card, put a short testimonial on the back. It will make your business card stand out and motivate recipients to take the next step and call you.

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