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Oct 24 2014

Content Ready Postcards- Thanksgiving and Reasons to Sell During the Holidays

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Thanksgiving is the perfect season to show your clients how much you appreciate them. We’ve made this simple by creating Thanksgiving postcards you can order and send to your farm and/or sphere of influence. For the extra special clients in your life, pair the postcard with a thoughtful gift. Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Gift certificate for a free pie
  • As us to leave the back of your postcards blank so you can write a unique message for each recipient
  • Giant fortune cookie. We sent these to some of our clients a few years ago and they were a huge hit.
  • Bottle of wine in a customized wine box
  • Branded household items. Inkhead has several different items, such as blankets, vases, photo frames, and decorative items that you can brand with your logo and messaging. They have excellent customer service and competitive pricing.
  • Magazine subscription
  • Gift certificate for one free house cleaning to get their home ready for the holidays
  • Customized puzzle or playing cards
  • Mason jar cookies


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The holidays tend to be a slow time in real estate. However, with the correct marketing, it could be your most profitable time of year. Send out this postcard with reasons to sell a home during the holidays and get ready for some festive listing presentations.




Sep 30 2014

Content Ready Postcards Simplify Your Marketing

These full color, 8.5×5.5 postcards are designed and ready to send out. All we need is your contact information and your photo. Download the order form and email it to or fax it to 949-452-0381. Order by October 3 and get 10% off printing costs.

What Will Waiting Cost?

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Having trouble motivating homeowners to sell? This postcard about rising interest rates explains why it’s better to sell this year than wait until next.  Send this out and watch the calls/emails/texts come in.

Fall Back Time Change Reminder

fall time change reminders








Recipients will appreciate this friendly reminder to turn back their clocks. It exposes them to your name and brand so that when they are ready to sell their home, you are the first name they think of.


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These fun Halloween greetings are sure to catch recipients’ attention and the creative call to action is sure to generate leads.

Sep 10 2014

If you want buyers to love your listing, you need to love it first

Show pride for your listing by cleaning up the home, staging and taking professional photos

Show pride for your listing by cleaning up the home, staging and taking professional photos

As the new school starts, my Facebook feed is filled with back to school pictures of Kindergartners with brand new lunchboxes, high schoolers in their football jerseys and college freshmen showing off their dorm rooms. Although the students themselves are incredibly diverse, one thing is true about all of them: their parents love them and are extremely proud of them.

As a real estate marketing agency, we see a lot of photos of homes being listed for sale. They are as diverse as the kids on my Facebook wall. Unfortunately, pride of ownership is not evident in all of these photos. We often see photos of homes with toys strewn about the floor, broken appliances in the yard and dirty windows. The photos themselves also show a lack of pride. They are blurry, poorly lit and focus on the home’s worst features. These terrible property photos become terrible marketing pieces that communicate one clear message: The owners don’t care about this house. The real estate agent doesn’t care about this house. Why should the buyer?

While a real estate agent has zero control over the homeowners feelings towards their home, an agent can certainly do his or her part to show their own pride in the listing. If you want people to buy the house, they have to love it. And if you want them to love it, you need to love it first. The best way to convey pride in your listing is by taking excellent property photos.

Property photos serve as the foundation for all marketing revolving around that house. Those photos show up on property photos, direct mail postcards, the MLS, listing websites, and your personal website. They are often the first impression, the first thing a buyer looks at. If they’re terrible, buyers will simply click away and never even step foot in the door.

Before photos are taken, make sure the house is clean and staged. Ideally, a little education will motivate your sellers to clean up the place themselves. Explain the importance of decluttering and getting rid of personal items as well as deep cleaning every room. When buyers see a dirty house they don’t see a home, they see work. If you can’t motivate your seller to clean up, offer to have a service come in one afternoon. It’s a small investment that will pay off in the form of faster selling time and higher offers. As for staging, you don’t need a background in interior design. Simple things like a vase of flowers on the dining room table, a candle in the bathroom or a wreath on the door can make a big difference.

Once the home is ready for photos, consider hiring a professional. They know how to make your listing look its best. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, the next best thing is to invest in your own high quality camera. Invest a little time learning how to use it correctly and you’ll be able to take high resolution photos that will look much better on print than phone photos.

After the photos are taken, it’s time to show them off. While different properties will require different types of marketing, its safe to say that most properties need at least property flyers. Before you simply create a flyer on your home computer and print it out, think about the message that sends. People can tell the difference between a home made flyer and a professionally made one, and the professionally made one is more likely to grab their attention. We can create 100 full color property flyers for as little as 34 cents* each. We can also touch up photos, which is a great service for agents who take their own. At One Step Services, we can also create, print and mail direct mail marketing pieces. For a full list of services and products, please browse our website

The pride you, and hopefully the homeowners, have for the home should shine through in every aspect of marketing. Talk about your listing like you would your kids and watch the buyers fall in love.

*Printing cost only for single sided property flyers printed on 70# gloss text. Does not include $15 design fee. Double sided flyers and flyers printed on higher quality paper have a different cost.