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Mar 27 2014

6 Things Real Estate Agents Can Tweet to Their Clients

We’ve got some pretty brilliant clients here at One Step. As I was browsing Twitter the other day there were several tweets that caught my eye. I’m sharing them with you to give you some inspiration for your 140 character marketing messages. Not on Twitter? Keep reading anyways. These tips can be used across a variety of communication channels and under every tweet, I give you an adaption and show you how you can communicate the same information through different venues.

Remind people who you are

who we are tweet

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to remind your sphere of influence who you are and what you do! This simple reminder will often generate a referral or repeat business. Edie Israel and her team do this by tweeting a simple video that explains the basics of their business. Its about 30 seconds long and just discusses the highlights. It’s not meant to be a listing presentation, its simply meant to remind their followers what they do, where they do it and how they can help. Videos like this can be shared across all social media networks, in blogs, on websites and through email.

Adaptation: Call some of your past clients and remind them that your still in the business and would love to help them or one of their friends or family members. You can also send a personalized letter on branded stationery. 

Share Local News


If you have a local business, such as a real estate business, it’s a good idea to keep your audience informed about local happenings. Twitter’s fast paced communication style makes it perfect for sharing the most up to date news. Renee West does an excellent job of making her clients aware of breaking local news, and she does this by sharing articles form local news sources.

Adaptation: You could send text alerts to people when breaking news is happening in the community. Just make sure you have permission from them to text them, and make sure you are texting people who actually live in the community where news is happening. 

 Give a shoutout

shoutout tweetSocial media is meant to connect people, and what better way to connect with someone than by complimenting them in front of your social media audience? You can congratulate a client, give a review of product or service received from a vendor, or show your support for a coworker. Ashlie DuCros kills two birds with one stone by giving a shout out on Facebook and then sharing it through Twitter. Use hashtags and twitter handles to grab the attention of whoever you are giving a shout out to, and maybe they’ll return the favor.

Adaptation: People love to see their name in print! If you have a printed newsletter that you send out, make a regular habit of saying positive things to people in your sphere, especially if they receive your newsletter. You can also use variable data to create an entire direct mail campaign based on shoutouts. 

Share pertinent information about your industry

informative tweet


One of the best ways to build trust with potential clients is to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. Make a regular habit of sharing accurate industry information that you know your clients will find useful and interesting. Sharing from reliable sources is great, but you also need to be sharing information that comes directly from you! Share your thoughts on articles, original articles written by you, podcasts and videos.

Adaptation: Find speaking engagements and events where you can share your expertise. If you can’t find one, create one. Rent a banquet room, offer some free snacks and invite people to come hear you speak on a relevant topic. 

Promote a product or event



Sometimes in our attempts to be super creative and different, we forget the basics of marketing. We market to sell things! Don’t be afraid to do what the Geronsins did in this tweet and share your product!

Adaptation: New products, services and events usually need to be marketed across multiple channels. In addition to posting to social media, send an eblast to your clients and a direct mail piece to your target audience. 

Share a personal story


personal tweet 2When it comes to mixing business and personal communication, I like to follow the 80/20 rule. On your business communication channels, your messaging should be 80% business and 20% personal. This tweet by Aaron Zapata is a great example of effectively sharing a personal story over a business communication channel. He kept it simple, people like to know what’s going on in your life but don’t need your whole life story. He kept it modest and appropriate, no topless drinking photos. And he included a photo, which is always popular with audiences.

Adaptation: Instagram, Facebook and Google+ are great channels to share personal stories and photos. But, if you feel posts like this are still too personal, you can simply communicate personal things as they relate directly to your business. Photos of you and your coworkers at a conference, sharing an anecdote about something that happened at the office, and your personal feelings and opinions about current events are all great ways to connect with your audience on a more personal level. 


Mar 17 2014

Mailbox Monday- Are Your Marketing Messages Repetitive?

photo altered from

photo altered from

Today’s Mailbox Monday is a little different. I don’t have an actual piece to show you, but want to discuss an interesting comment my dad made last week while sorting through the mail. He said in frustration “why does the same company keep sending me the same stuff?”

At first I wanted to rush to the defense of direct mail and spout of 10 reasons why direct mail is effective. But then I realized that my dad wasn’t complaining about the mail, he was complaining about the type of mail. He didn’t mind that the company kept sending him things, he was annoyed that they sent him the same things. That is a problem, even for us staunch supporters of direct mail.

We often talk about the importance of repeat exposure in building brand recognition. It’s true, you need to expose people to your logo, your slogan, your face, your company over and over and over again. HOWEVER, you should not be exposing them to the exact same content. That gets real boring real fast. Very quickly they will stop paying attention to your pieces and all that repeat exposure becomes a big waste of time and money.

As you develop content for your direct mail, email, print, online and social media campaigns, always be thinking about ways to spice things up. Your audience should always be compelled to engage with your brand, whether its by keeping a sports schedule with your brand on their  fridge, commenting on your blog post, or forwarding an email you’ve sent to a friend.

Check back next week and I’ll give you some specific ideas for messaging that will keep your audience interested and engaged.

Mar 13 2014

Receive 10% Off Direct Mail Marketing Postcards for March

Need some direct mail marketing ideas? We’ve got you covered. Download an order form for our March specialty postcards.

Send out an Angels or Padres baseball schedule. These 8.5×5.5 postcards give the full schedule for both teams’ 2014 season, with home and away games clearly marked. These pieces are extremely effective because recipients will keep them around for a few months and frequently refer back to them. And every time they do, they’ll see your face and be reminded to do business with you! The season starts March 31, so get these sent out quickly.
Order by March 19th and receive 10% off printing costs. Please note: The 2014 schedules look exactly like the 2013 schedules pictured below, just with different dates. You will see a proof before it is sent to print.

real estate marketing direct mail marketingAlthough Easter comes late this year (April 20th) its not to early to start planning your Easter direct mail marketing campaign. We’ve got two adorable designs to choose from. You can submit your own messaging for the back or we can provide a generic version. Click here to download an order form for the baseball and Easter postcards.

Order by March 19th and receive 10% off printing. Please Note: You can postpone mailing until a little closer to Easter if you wish, but please allow at least two weeks to ensure delivery by Easter.

direct mail postcards easter postcards