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May 03 2016

Memorial Day Postcards for Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners

Memorial Day is Monday May 30. Order your postcards today so ensure delivering by that time. Simply download the Memorial Day Order Form, fill it out, then email it or fax it to One Step at 949-452-0381.

Happy Memorial Day

This postcard has a real estate centered call to action and is perfect for farming.

real estate memorial day postcards

America is Hope

This inspirational postcard simply wishes recipients a wonderful holiday. Can be used by real estate agents or small business owners.

memorial day postcards small business

Memorial Day Sale

If you own a small business hosting a Memorial Day Sale, you’ll want to use this postcard to get the word out.

advertise memorial day sale

May 03 2016

Build Business By Making A Personal Connection With Clients

marketing tipsOne of my favorite business mantras is this: people don’t do business with businesses, they do business with people. When people trust you, and any others who represent your business, then they will trust your business and spend their time and money there. Think about the places where you spend your money? One of the biggest reasons why I continue to go to my local grocery store instead of getting them delivered is because I like the employees. Before my husband starts a big carpentry project, he often goes to the local hardware store and talks the project over with the employees and fellow shoppers.

People make up a business, so it’s vital that you let clients, and potential clients, interact with the people that make up YOUR business. This month’s Tip Tuesday gives you some simple ways to establish a personal connection with clients through in person interaction, online and through direct mail. Have some more ideas? We’d love it if you shared them in the comments below.

Make a personal connection by using variable data to add names and personalized information to your direct mail pieces and emails. Variable data allows us to take one standard piece, and change certain variables on each individual piece so that it matches the personal data of the recipient. For example, lets say you are the owner of a Crossfit box and you want to reach out to members you haven’t heard from in a while. You could create a postcard that stays the same, except that each one has the name of the recipient as well as the last date that they attended the box. Now, instead of getting a blanket marketing piece, each member is getting something personalized to them. This increases response rate.

Make a personal connection by going above and beyond your job description. Honda makes and sells cars. Yet they’ve built an incredibly successful marketing campaign based on stories of them helping people in ways completely unrelated to cars. Every time I hear a “Helpful Honda People” radio ad, I am filled with pride about being a Honda owner and vow that all future cars will be Hondas. Your small business doesn’t have the budget to do the things Honda does, but that doesn’t matter. Simple things like holding the door open for customers, providing them with free water on a hot day, or giving stickers or small toys to kids, will make you stand out amongst your competitors and keep you top of mind in clients and potentials.

Make a personal connection by sending clients cards or coupons on special days such as birthdays or anniversaries. On my last birthday, I received a birthday card from my accountant. Not surprising, since I also got one from my dentist and my mortgage lender. But, what was special about the accountant’s card was that everyone in the office hand signed it. Those small personal touches go a long way. If you use any sort of client relations database, you can probably set up automated process to help you remember those special dates.

Make a personal connection by thanking your clients, either verbally or with a card, gift or email. A couple years ago my husband and I were vacationing in Palm Springs and I bought some soap from a small boutique. A couple weeks later, they sent me a handwritten thank you card. I was impressed and in the hopes of one day being able to visit the store again, I kept the card. This simple gesture, that cost about 10 minutes and $2, created a loyal customer. Not a bad return on investment if you ask me.

Make a personal connection by asking your customers questions on social media and engaging with them when they answer. The easiest way to get people to engage with your social media posts is to give them the opportunity to talk about themselves. If you can give them a chance to talk about themselves in a way that relates to your business, its even better. For example, if you own a frozen yogurt shop, ask your followers what their favorite flavor is. If you’re a real estate agent, ask your followers what their favorite room in their house is. Don’t forget to interact with those who take the time to answer. Like their comments, respond, and share your own answer to the question.

Apr 21 2016

8 Ways To Spice Up Your Next Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

direct mail marketing


If you send direct mail consistently, you know that it’s effective. But if you have noticed a drop in responses, or if you have a message you want to draw attention to, you may want to ditch the traditional postcard and do something unique to capture your audience’s attention.

Make it bigger. A typical postcard ranges in size from 4×6 to 8.5×5.5. If you want your piece to stand out, make it bigger. Try a square size like 8.5×8.5 or a large size like an 11×17 foldover.

Make it shapely. Another way to make your piece stand out is to make it a unique shape. Something basic like a circle is effective, or you can do something more detailed that is related to your business.

Make it handwritten. Handwritten messages always get more attention than typed ones. you can put your direct mail piece in an envelope with a handwritten address or you can leave space on the back of your postcard for a handwritten message.

Make it lumpy. Lumpy mail includes something more than just paper. It could be a small product sample, a magnet or a small with your brand. People are much more likely to read your piece if there is something attached to it.

Make it sticky. Sticky mail is mail that people will around their house for reference. Sports schedules and community events schedules make great sticky pieces, as do notepads.

Make it interactive. Motivate recipients to take some sort of action on the piece. Make it a coloring contest that they can mail back for a price. Or make it a game they can cut out and use, like a cootie catcher.

Make it a discount. Everybody loves a discount. So include some sort of coupon with your mailing. Be sure to set an expiration date so the recipient is motivated to use it soon.

Make it personal. Variable data can add personal information to the message. Whether its something as simple as a name, or something a little more complicated like purchase history, this is one of the most effective ways to increase responses in your mailings.