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Aug 12 2015

Southern California Market Update Is An Effective Lead Generation Postcard

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Market updates are particularly effective direct mail marketing postcards for real estate agents. But if you don’t have time to find market information specific to your farm, don’t worry. We’ve got the perfect content ready postcard for you.

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The “Prices Rising” postcard shows how prices have increased throughout Southern California and encourages homeowners to take advantage of this rise by selling. This is a great real estate postcard for any agent in Southern California who wants to give homeowners factual reasons to sell.

Download the August Content Ready Postcards Order Form

After you send that postcard, follow it up with our “3 Reasons To Sell” card. This gives recipients specific reasons why they should sell their home now instead of waiting. If the first postcard got them thinking about selling, this one will get them to pick up the phone and start asking you questions.

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Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a fun postcard for you. The complete San Diego Charger’s Football Schedule. This “sticky” piece is likely to stay in recipients hands for a while as they consistently refer to it for game information. And every time they look at it, they’ll think of you! It’s a great way to build brand recognition.

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To order, simply download the August Content Ready Postcards Order Form and email it or fax it to us.

Jul 22 2015

Why send a non real estate postcard to your farm?


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As a real estate agent, most of your marketing is going to be directly related to real estate. Open house invitations, just listed/ just sold postcards, and market updates provide recipients with valuable information and are very successful in generating leads. But every once in a while, you need to connect with the recipient who has zero interest in real estate at the moment. Provide them with valuable and timely information, even if it isn’t real estate related, and you’ll begin to build a relationship and get them to take notice of you. Then when they are thinking about real estate, they’ll think of you.

Our content ready back to school postcards are perfect for this purpose. They give fun ideas for ways parents can celebrate the back to school season with their young scholars. There is also a strong real estate related call to action, so recipients know that you are the neighborhood real estate expert.

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Jul 10 2015

Lead generation postcards give a personal touch to your marketing

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Graduations, weddings, retirement, births. There are many big lifestyle changes happening in people’s lives right now, and many of those lifestyle changes require a change of address. With our content ready Lifestyle Changes postcard, you can remind residents of your farm, and those on your social list, that you are there to guide them through the real estate process so they are able to focus on the other changes going on in their life. Download the Lifestyle Changes Order Form

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