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Sep 30 2015

Spookify your direct mail marketing with these Halloween Postcards

Order our content ready Halloween postcards and Daylight Savings Time reminder postcards by downloading the Halloween and DST order form and emailing it to Looking for more content ready postcards? Check our Testimonials postcards and our “How To Prepare for El Nino” postcard.

The laid back, fun of atmosphere of Halloween makes it the perfect time to connect with residents of your farm, past clients, potential clients, friends and family. Our Halloween postcards will bring a smile to recipients face and as well as remind them that your always available to help them with their real estate needs. Download the Halloween order form

real estate halloween postcards Halloween postcards

It’s that time of year again, time to reset the clocks! Not only are these postcards a friendly reminder about the time change, the strong call to action on the back will motivate recipients to get their homes listed and sold before the year ends. Download the Daylight Savings Time order form



Sep 25 2015

An Easy Way To Use Testimonials In Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Our newest batch of Content Ready Postcards are ready for ya! Receive 10% off when you order before October 16th. To order, download our postcard order form and email it to If you have questions, call us at 949-587-5301.

Testimonials are great trust builders! People trust other people and businesses who come highly recommended, and sharing testimonials gives you credibility while highlighting specific aspects of your business. When people trust you, they call you! postcard order form


These testimonial postcards are designed to be simple and draw attention to your testimonials. Please submit testimonials when placing your order, and know that our designers may have to cut them down in order to make them fit on the postcard. postcard order form


Connecting with homeowners, even those who aren’t ready to sell, is vital to successful direct mail marketing. All homeowners will appreciate these tips on how to protect their homes against the heavy rains due to hit Southern California this winter. The call to action on the back lets homeowners know that when they are ready to sell, they should call you! postcard order form


Sep 24 2015

What direct mail marketing should real estate agents send to their farms?

Farming is the B.E.S.T marketing method for real estate agents because it allows them to become experts in a region, build trust with residents of that region, and customize their marketing to that region. Over the past 20+ years that we’ve been in business, we’ve seen thousands of agents build very successful business using farming and direct mail.

While farming is successful, it isn’t always easy and many real estate agents have a hard time coming up with things to mail or drop in their farm. That’s where One Step comes in! If you have zero content, we have a variety of content ready postcards you can choose from. If you have some content ideas, we can expand those ideas and create custom postcards, door hangers and flyers to deliver to your farm. And if you just need some ideas to jump start your creativity, we’ve got an extensive list below. You can also download our list of Farming ideas.

Traditional Messaging– These tried and true messages are great lead generation tools

  • Just Listed
  • Just Sold
  • Open House Invitations
  • Market Update

Business Centered Messaging– These pieces tell recipients why they should choose you over other real estate agents

  • Points of difference messaging related to you and/or your broker.
  • Testimonials
  • Awards/Accomplishments
  • Sold gallery
  • Personal brochure
  • Business news/ Press releases

Real Estate Centered Messaging- These pieces educate recipients about local real estate and establish you as a trusted expert.

  • Market updates
  • Explanation of real estate terms
  • Real estate articles
  • Checklists for buyers and sellers
  • Reasons to sell/buy
  • Explanation of complicated real estate process
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

General Information Messaging- Not everyone wants to sell their home right now. To keep yourself relevant to those recipients, you must occasionally send out helpful information that isn’t real estate related

  • Upcoming Spring Events
  • Holiday Schedule
  • Summer Concerts in the Park
  • Sports Schedules
  • Holiday/Seasonal pieces
  • Homeowners tips
  • Community events newsletter
  • Neighborhood garage sale
  • Set up a CPR training

Engagement pieces- These pieces encourage people to give you their information so you can contact them

  • Free market analysis
  • Coloring contest
  • Giveaways