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Jun 16 2015

The Perfect Postcard For Your Summer Marketing Campaign

I am really excited about this month’s content ready postcards. I scoured the internet for you guys and created a list of several free concerts in the park in various cities throughout South Orange CountyNorth Orange CountySan Diego County. Then one of our uber talented graphic designers, Pauline, created these rad postcards. Seriously, I would hang these in my house as a decoration they are that cool.


summer marketing postcard

8.5×5.5 Beach Theme Summer Concert Schedule

small business marketing

8.5×5.5 Music Theme Summer Concert Schedule

Here’s how this works. You choose a design (either the beach theme or the music theme.) Then choose a size. The 8.5×8.5 cards are larger and can hold schedules for up to 6 cities, while the 8.5×5.5 postcards can hold up to 4 cities. Lastly, pick your cities. Our order forms have listed all the cities we have schedules for. If you don’t find the city you want, you can provide the line up for that city and we’ll put it on the postcard. Lastly, send us your agent photo and contact info then…VIOLA! Your done. In just a few minutes you’ve got a fantastic marketing piece to send to your farm, social list, or client list.

summer concerts san diego

8.5×8.5 Music Theme Summer Concert Schedule

real estate marketing

8.5×8.5 Beach Theme Summer Concert Schedules

The great thing about these pieces is that they are sticky, meaning recipients are likely to keep them around for a while and refer back to them often, which gives your brand repeated exposure. One postcard with lots of exposure? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Here are the order forms for:

South Orange County

North Orange County

San Diego County


Jun 11 2015

Ready to save 10%?

marketing coupons Save 10% off one order of $500 or more

Have you been holding off on buying a specific real estate marketing piece or small business marketing piece because of budget restrictions? Do you need to stock up on often used marketing materials like direct mail postcards, business cards and flyers?

Now is the time to make your move and save 10% off any order over $500. Just mention promo code JUNE15 at the time of ordering.

Code an only be applied once to a single order, but can include design, print and mailing costs associated with that order. cannot be applied to an entire invoice. Can only be used in June and you must mention the promo code at the time of placing your order. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Jun 04 2015

What does your business card say about you?

whatbizcardsays2Business cards are often the first piece of marketing you give to a potential client. it makes a critical first impression. A cheap, flimsy, card designed from a generic template is forgettable. It tells people your inexperienced, cheap and not ready to play with the big kids. A professional card, on the other hand, let’s people know you’re prepared, knowledgeable and ready to do business.

#1 A branded business card says your different and gives people a reason to notice you.

#2 High quality paper and professional printing says you don’t skimp where it matters.

#3 Important information about your business tells people why they need to follow up with you.

If you’re business card is saying bad things about you, it’s time to get a new one. The talented team of graphic designers at One Step Services created the business cards you see in the infograph and they would love to create a unique business card for you. To place an order, call 949-587-5301 or email