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Feb 04 2016

Direct Mail Testimonial Postcards: Let Your Customers Market For You

Referrals are powerful marketing tools. People are more likely to do business with you when they hear someone else talk about how great you are, as opposed to you just talking about yourself. Our series of Testimonial Postcards allow you to share your client referrals with whoever you wish. These postcards are fully designed, and need only the testimonials provided by you. Calls to action and contact info can be edited to work for a real estate agent or small business. We also have a lead generation postcard specific to real estate agents.

To order, simply download our direct mail postcards order form, fill it out and email it to or fax it to 949-452-0381. You should also check out our new email postcard service, which gives you the opportunity to order digital versions of the postcards to be emailed to a list you provide.

Spring Accents Testimonial Card

This 8.5×5.5 direct mail postcard is perfect for business in home related industries, i.e. real estate, interior design, house cleaning, etc. It has space for two testimonials on the back. The current call to action is geared towards real estate, but can be edited slightly to fit a different industry.

real estate postcards

Vintage Testimonial Card

Unlike the other 8.5×5.5 postcards, this one has space for a testimonial on the front so you can immediately grab the recipients attention with complimentary words about your company.

small business direct mail marketing

5 Star Service Testimonial Card

This 8.5×5.5 can be used by any business in any industry. It clearly communicates that your service is exceptional and has space for two testimonials to back up that claim.

Testimonials postcards

Real Estate Marketing: Thinking About Moving?

This piece is specific to our real estate clients. It’s purpose is to get homeowners thinking about selling so that they’ll call you and list their house in time for the spring selling season.



Jan 22 2016

Free First Quarter Marketing Calendars Are Now Available

Our First Quarter Marketing Calendar is now available for real estate professionals and small business owners. These calendars take the guess work out of direct mail marketing and give you a strategic, week by week plan that includes content ideas and guidelines of when to order and when to mail. We understand the importance of integrating direct mail with digital marketing as well, and have including blog topics and social media post ideas, many of which are correlated with your direct mail content.

These calendars are 100% free. Download today and get started.

Download our First Quarter Real Estate Marketing Calendar

Download our First Quarter Small Business Marketing Calendar

What will you find in our marketing calendars?

  • All of the content ready postcards we are offering for the quarter
  • Direct mail marketing ideas for every week
  • Blog ideas for every week, many of which integrate with your direct mail marketing campaign
  • Social media post ideas for every week

How should you use the calendar?

  • Find the upcoming Monday on the calendar
  • Look at what piece is recommended for that week
  • Call or email One Step Services and place your order. Schedule the mailing for the following Friday.
  • We’ll send you proofs of your piece and, once it’s approved, print it out for you. We can then mail it, or return it to you so you can walk and drop.
  • Look at the blog and social media ideas for that week. Write them out, and schedule them to publish on the recommended date.

Need more help?

Let us create a mailing schedule for you. We’ll send you a reminder email when its time to place a mailing order, and that email can offer suggestions based on your predetermined preferences. Simply respond to that email saying “yes, place my order!” and we’ll take are of the rest. We also have social media services available where we can create and post to your social channels for you. Email us for more information and a price quote.

Jan 21 2016

Direct Mail Marketing Postcards for Valentine’s Day

The holiday of love is coming up, and what better way to show your clients and leads some love than with a special greeting? You can mail these postcards, walk and drop them, or attach them to small gifts. For the first time ever, you also have the option of emailing these postcards to a list you provide. To learn more about email postcards, click here.

Download the Valentines_OrderForm_2016

This postcard is a perfect way to wish your social list a Happy Valentine’s Day, as well as remind them that your available for all their real estate needs.

valentines day postcard

Start gearing up for the spring selling season now! This Valentine’s postcard is the perfect way to get your recipients thinking about listing their home with you.

direct mail marketing


It’s important to provide useful information for homeowners even if they aren’t ready to sell. Postcards like this one help you build trust and brand familiarity. Then when they are ready to sell, you’ll be the one they call.

real estate marketing